It’s Friday and I’m bored and one of my favorite things to talk about are those things that irrationally get under your skin. Tell me yours, I’m dying to know.

Mine: when someone chooses a huge binder clip for a small amount of paper. I always make the effort to choose the smallest clip that will fit. I fucking hate this shit. I could literally murder the person that handed me this:

Next up, maybe this is a lawyer thing, but when people write in documents “ten (10)“ as in “twelve (12) rounds of ammunition were found.” Who the fuck doesn’t know what “ten” means? Who needs the numeral to be like oh that sentence didn’t make sense to me till I saw the numbers!!

Finally, willy nilly stapling. This one drives my husband crazy. I’ve never seen him more grumpy than when someone hands him a stack of documents where the staples are all up in the words. What are you doing, stapler? This isn’t rocket science. If your stapling prevents one from reading the later pages YOU ARE DOING THIS WRONG.

Obviously mine are all work related because it's Friday and I'm super over the week. What's bugging you today?