“I’m all for celebrating dads on their special day, but Father’s Day does its best work when it doubles as Single Moms Day.”

Link in the comments if Kinja’d. Edit: Nevermind, fixed it!

You know, if you follow a supportive statement with “but”, I may have doubts you actually support that thing.

I get that Jez is a site for women, but do they really need to take a dump on men (in this case, dads and single dads) on Father’s Day, of all days?


And you know if single dads tried to claim Mother’s Day as “Single Dad’s Day”, there would be hell to pay from Jez.

My dad has abandoned the family several times. He’d often say he’s going to work and never come back. So for most of my life growing up, my mum was a single mum. We celebrated Mother’s Day only on Mother’s Day and generally ignored Father’s Day as just another day. It seemed distasteful to us to make Father’s Day a “Mother’s Day 2". And for the times dad was around, we would celebrate Father’s Day.


Am I the only one with a bad taste in my mouth, here?