This is my first clashtalk so I’m scared.

I was listening a podcast the other day called Nancy, which featured two queer asian people talking about their experience of being queer and gay.

While I am not gay, I related to it so dam hard and was bawling several times during the podcast. The podcast is named Nancy, by the way. It was so refreshing to hear Asian Americans as people who are sexual, smart, creative, and refuse to go to STEM.

When I was growing up I had no friend because it distracted from my studies. No candy, no sugar, no hamburgers, no hot dogs etc, so I could study

For whatever reason I’d made me bawl and bawl again. Asians are so undervalued in this society. We have to be proficient enough, we have to kick the butts of the dude bro, but guess who gets the credit.


Asians are severely underrepresented in media and this is harmful. We’re seen as second toys with little female agency. And it’s also creepy that they’re depicted as school girls.

Again, not knocking the Japanese, but admittedly I’m not as familiar with their culture but I get sick on a day to day basis telling me I’m so cute that the can life me up and ran off with me.