First you talked about the boy, then you mentioned my Law & Order obsession in connection with my having just read Tales of the City. You did this knowing full well that I'm a) prone to useless distractions; and b) someone who has time on his hands at the moment. To that end, the only logical thing to do is to try to write an episode of Law & Order as the form of Tales of the City. Don't act like you didn't realize that this is what was going to happen.

So, in the interest of not clogging CT up with the long-winded bits of story (I'll post when I get a couple done, which is fitting, as TOtC was published in serial form first), it seems logical to post them to my own personal Kinja, then post a link here if anyone wants to follow along. I can't imagine that this will turn into a huge production (I can easily see getting deterred by angry replies to stop boring everyone with this crap or, frankly, getting three or four chapters in and realizing that I have no idea how to construct a plot), but for now, let's just go with it. Part One can be found here.