So our fun friend from—you know, the one that rained down a wild excoriation alleging criminal censorship OR SOMETHING against Jezebel when actually it was just that her stuff sucked gorilla balls—she's been busy.

She's deleting all the comments on her essay tonight! So far at least 250 have been zapped. As you can see, when you go to her page, you see this, where it indicates that "NomadiKat and 277 others" have participated in the discussion. Sadly, the reader eager for dialogue and discourse about this controversial subject will be disappointed to find perhaps about 20 enthusiastic and uncritical supporters of some rather interesting but erroneous ideas about our penal code.

This is disappointing because based on my observation, the vast majority of comments were thoughtful and well-reasoned critiques. It seems that she has a great deal of difficulty distinguishing between thoughtful criticism and inappropriate base vulgarity—she perceives both as attack on her person at the same level. This is not very promising, given that she's chosen for her work to observe and attempt to describe a diverse set of cultures different from her own. It's not clear that NomadiKat really knows how to listen to perspectives that challenge her own assumptions, and that's going to continue to hurt her work.

Near total expungement of the comments on a post complaining of the silencing of women surprised me! I guess we can infer from that that only certain women's voices are valid to NomadiKat, the ones that agree with her way of seeing the world. That her perspective is painfully limited is an idea that is borne out again and again in her writing, and which has been patiently explained to her on more than one occasion by thoughtful and caring people with a wealth of relevant knowledge and experience to share. But ultimately she was unable to integrate any kind of feedback, suggesting to us that her critical thinking skills and insight did not rise to the level of sophistication needed for the forum she attempted to publish on. That's sad (for her), but it's not censorship.


Here's hoping this post gets a little dose of that Clashtalk SEO magic and follows her around google until the end of time.

What's your favorite NomadiKat fail? Share it in the comments!