You know, I'm old enough to remember a simpler time, when vegans and rescue-animal owners roamed the land and littered all of their friends' Facebook walls with diatribes about how quinoa would save the world or how, if you buy a dog from anywhere other than a shelter, you're pretty much the modern-day answer to Heinrich Himmler. Those were good times.

Now, many of the people I know have given up on reminding the world of their noteworthy achievements in those worthy fields ("See 'One-Eyed Max' here? He loves me soooo much more than your in-bred survivor of a puppy mill ever can. I hope you're around when his faulty genetics finally break his brain and he chews out your larynx, you bastards!"), only to be replaced by "This person is staying home on Black Friday! I save money AND I'm not trampling anyone!"

I'm not going to bag on someone for staying home and doing nothing on their day off—that's what I'm doing now—but do you really have to turn every single decision into a moral lesson for others to follow?

This person respects everyone's choices, and will not be going to Facebook to brag about staying at home or try to make others feel bad about shopping.