But certainly not my last.

It's so cold today that my tire deflated and all the air leaked around the roofing nail I was using as a tire patch. So now I'm waiting at the tire shoppe, all miserably warm and cozy, availing myself of their free wifi and the Americano I managed to harvest from the nearby Starbucks to survive, as the temperature slowly creeps up into the 50s, and the bright sun blinds mine eyes.

Now I know how young Laura Ingalls must have felt.

How are you surviving the cruel winter weather?

UPDATE: I managed to fix my wagon tyres and proceeded to wend my way to the office, through the blinding sunlight and below average temperatures. Despite the best efforts of my adversaries to run me off the road and into the canyons below, I was able to make it safely to the place of my employment. The weather can turn for the worse any minute, however, and I am fully prepared to kill and eat my co-workers, should I need to.