So I get a call from my boss this morning, kinda early about a job I booked. Not a big deal by any means, some details needed to be ironed out before a crew went out to a job I had booked.

At any rate this isn't the problem. What happened next is. My lady will not stop talking to me while I am on the phone. She throws herself into any conversation I am having on the phone and it has gone on for so long I want to pull my own teeth out with a set of pliers. Don't get me wrong, I love the every living crap out of her. But for fuck sake, is their really anything more annoying than somebody constantly interjecting and talking to you while you are on the phone.

This is not an isolated incident, and she has just started yelling at me before while on the phone just because she didn't like who I was talking to.

I have just had my fill with this busch league level bullshit. I think I need to retaliate in kind at this point.