I found out I'm going to Italy this summer! YAY! But I also know there's a pretty lively street harassment culture. And as a tiny blonde American woman, I expect some of it. So far, I've been told to wear a fake wedding ring, dress nicely (as in formally), wear fancy shoes (no problem for me with my heel collection. I don't own flip-flops and my one pair of sneakers will likely stay home in favor of comfy-but-fancy walking wedges), and basically not to wear anything that's considered beach-wear on the street.

Any other tips? Particularly I'm wondering about technology use. Is it super gauche if I text at a table? Will people be mad if I pull out my DSLR and take pictures of, say, a cafe? Best places to visit? Cultural norms I should be wary of?

Also, I'd like to take those spiked Lita heels with me. I haven't traveled with spiked shoes yet and it seems they are allowed as long as they're in your checked luggage. Do you think this is okay? Or should I not risk my $200 loves to the airport security theater?

AND FUCK YEAH! I'M GOING TO ITALY! And I wanted to try new Clashtalk so someone respond anyway :P