Do I get points for saying "first one to 20 points wins?" How about five points? Can I get five points for that?

So let's get this over with and get to the more pressing business at hand... shortly after yesterday's game kicked off it was established that the winner would be holding down the sixth and final AFC playoff position. Had we belonged anywhere in the vicinity of 2013 playoff discussion, this loss would have stung. But we're not, so frankly, it doesn't. Matt McGloin looked poor in the first half before coming back strong in the second. The Polish Cannon missed two field goals, but the four point difference lets him off the hook. 5/7 is not so hot, but 7/7 is far from automatic. For once we failed to get the kind of timely turnover or long TD we've thrived on this year. Definitely a team loss.

McGloin showed he should be the starter despite not leading the team to any touchdowns, and today Dennis Allen announced that he would indeed be getting the nod over Pryor again on Thursday. I have been waiting for this Thursday all season. It's the Callahan Bowl.

Ladies and gentlemen, Wednesday night in this space we will examine Super Bowl XXXVII, and try to decide whether Bill Callahan was actually trying to lose the biggest game of his (and my) life, or if he just turned in the worst championship game coaching performance in professional sports history.