I think the song has been played enough that it has become a part of our pop culture. My first baseball game I ever attended was a day/night double header at Kaufman stadium. it featured George Brett and Nolan Ryan. When I was a kid, I was more than a fantasy fan of sports. I was a kid who rooted for the Royals because their triple A club was in Omaha, my home town. Both players that I had mentioned had past the zenith of their respective careers and my dad waxed on as much while we hit the turnstiles. But it ingrained this idea that has stood with me most of my life. That even in the twilight, you are still some kids dream. I saw the shadow of George Brett and Nolan Ryan. 2 players past the prime of storied careers. Just good enough to be everyday starters.

I have always liked baseball more than I ever liked football. It embraces more than just athleticism. You can list off dozens of players that had more physical gifts than any hall of famer in baseball, but you would be hard pressed to find a player that was in the baseball hall of fame who regretted ever spending one minute in the game of baseball.

It has so much more to offer than a future in football. I say this as a huge Nebraska fan. I don’t think The SuperBowl is all it is cracked up to be. You want to see how a league should be ran?! Look at baseball. The players take a giant stream of the revenue. They are what people go to see. Football fans are fanatical. They are baseball fans that are just not smart enough to see that the hero’s they love become villains inside of a week, and are one day hero’s turned to the next day’s lame ducks. I use Peyton Manning as an example. When he is hurt the Broncos fans turned on him like a dead duck. One co-worker said,”He throws the worst ball I have ever seen.” I chuckled, and said,”Peyton never threw a good ball, you just never took the blinders off of looking at your team to see what a brilliant technician he was his whole career.” And here we are. Fans that don’t deserve a winner.

With steroids out of the game of baseball, it has become the american past time it forgot it was. And with football showing it’s truly brutal nature, it’s willingness to forget it’s hero’s, baseball has protected it’s faithful. And rewarded Kansas City with a team that will echo in the halls of baseball forever, for being just good enough to win it all. Even when they where forcasted to win 78 games, they TOOK it all. Football be damned.

Baseball is the american past time. It is the sport I love to watch, I have so many fond memories of playing catch with my dad. It was and still is a game. A beautiful game.

Enjoy your Super Bowl party.