Last week in Virginia a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store (you know, the store you go to when Home Depot is too far away) stopped a black employee from making a home delivery because the customer specifically requested an employee who wasn’t black make the delivery.

The (then-) manager pulled Marcus Bradley, a Lowe’s employee who’d been with the company for over 11 years, from the job, explaining the customer’s reason and putting another person on the delivery.

Read more about Lowe’s stupidity here.

Lowe’s has since conducted an internal investigation and “fired all parties involved in the decision,” but there is still so much what the fuck about this story that I don’t even know where to begin.

1. How openly racist did the customer need to be to think that was a reasonable request? Who does she think works in the stores? What other things does she ask for from other establishments?


2. How stupid/racist do you have to be as a manager to think this is a request that should be honored?

3. Why didn’t Lowe’s get in front of this story instead of waiting until it was reported a week after?

4. Where does Lowe’s go from here? Finally admitting that their company engages in racial discriminatory practices? Will they try to fix it? Their motto is literally “Never Stop Improving!”


5. Where do we go when we need to replace a dimmer? Any other non-Home Depot suggestions?

ETA: Made the Lowe’s logo honest