Went to lunch with one of my coworkers from L.A. He drives like a fucking psychopath. I am not kidding. A lady was about to cross at the wrong time, and he screams at her out the window. No offense to my cali peeps, but this is about par for the course as far as I can tell from my experiences I have had in L.A.. I felt like at any moment while he was texting driving, and probably not being focused on what he was doing, when we sit down at lunch we had a conversation about it.

The waitress comes over, takes our drink order walks away. He says to me, "You seem a bit on edge. My driving makes you uncomfortable doesn't it?" I in turn respond with, "Well, driving like a psycho and being from Cali kind of go hand in hand." " You are fine." He then says to me, "I heard you drive like a bitch".

The only response I could mutter was, "Better to be a bitch then a lunatic." The rest of lunch was uneventful. The drive back was uncomfortable.