Some people collect really cool shit, but I think I met the king of all fucking gamers today. He some how managed to peel himself away from gaming long enough to let me work up his estimate, but undoubtedly he had the most impressive gaming collection I had ever seen. His entire living room, what is supposed to be his dining room and in every room in his house he had book shelves cataloged and organized by system, games genre, a street fighter arcade machine, strategy guides and I could not tell you for 2 seconds what he even does for a living, he was so very closed the entire time.

I thought it was really cool shit, and he just looked at me like I was not hardcore enough, ever was, or even came close to being as die hard of a gamer. Which I haven't ever been, but shit. He is going to go with the cheapest guy, I already know it. Oh well, ya can't win them all.