Yeah, I’m early. Gots thing to do tonight and work is to be avoided.

Tonight’s episode will be the veto competition, eviction, and HOH competition.

Here’s the remaining house schedule:

*Monday Morning:

BB is gonna tape the HG’s (likely arts & crafts boring stuff as they do every year and then air it tonight on After Dark, since today is another eviction, which will air tomorrow night (Tues).


Last Veto Comp of BB18 will be played.

Tuesday Night is another BB18 episode.


Live eviction, Final HOH Comp (Part 1-Endurance) begins.


“Remember when..” episode.

*Weds Sept 21st:

Finale @ 9:30pm ET

I hate the “Remember when...” episode. Why are they still doing this? They should just show more of the jury house.


In other news (and I retweeted it on Friday), Nicole admitted on cam to Corey/James that BB helped her out in the veto comp last week by telling her that the key in the drain floats. She said she had no clue because she’s never seen a boat key before. So that’s awesome.


If you’re interested, here’s a good recap of the convo between James and [Spoiler Alert] on why he should ditch Nicory and join up with him.

Additionally, rumors are swirling that the next HOH has been leaked.

I know there was a post earlier this year asking if people cared about spoilers and I honestly can’t recall everyone’s feelings, so I’ve posted links instead of the actual news.