I’ve been upset about this ever since it came across my timeline on Saturday. However, I was too busy being soaked by the rain to talk about this with anyone.

But I need people who don’t understand how libraries work to actually go to one. Because I saw this comment on The Root and snapped:

All this to stan for libraries? They’re definitely useful, but why should the government pay for them? Why shouldn’t people just donate what they can to support their community libraries?

All over twitter people were talking about how libraries are more than just book depositories. And this is true. My library has writing classes for teens and seniors. You can learn Chinese. Take Tai Chi or yoga. Twice a month, someone drops in to help with your plants. You can rent out space so your group can meet up for events. A lot of stuff happens at my local library. My mom talks about how her local library is helping her with genealogy stuff.

But even if it was just to house books, I read over 50 books last year and most came from the library (or a library affiliate so I could read on a kindle).


If I had to pay this much like this dude does for his library a year:

It’s still a fucking bargain and I don’t have all those books cluttering up my already overrun-by-books home.


UGH! I’m just so frustrated. It’s obvious why Dummy Professor Forbes wrtier wants to get rid of libraries: that’s what well-to-do white people tend to want to do- get rid of anything that helps the community. But people like that commenter that I quoted earlier, comments like that make me want to throw things. Because it’s born out of pure ignorance. And funding for libraries can diminish due to people’s ignorance and that’s a shame.

So, do me a favor and this week go visit your library. Check out a book. See if there’s a class you want to take. Or just hang out in the coffee shop that they may have.

I’m tired.