Torontonians' reward for having to navigate a baroque scantron voting form was the quick declaration of the election results. Some thoughts:

- Doug Ford, who basically only started campaigning a month ago and made no announcements on the vast majority of policy areas (didn't even take a position on them) finished in second place with over a third of the overall vote. If Rob Ford runs in the next mayoral election, he's going to be a favourite.

- As a corollary to the above, we're still left with entrenched animosity between the inner-suburbs and the downtown core, they think we're latte sipping elitists, we think they're gas-guzzling cretins

- Rob Ford easily won as a councillor and will be sure to (once he hopefully recovers fully) push his agenda on city council

- John Tory finally wins an election after god knows how many tries. He lost as a mayoral candidate, lost as a provincial party leader and lost as an MPP candidate. He's always been seen as a pandering demagogue but apparently his pandering was tuned to the right frequency this time around. His Smart Track transit plan, which basically won him this election, better work. It probably won't though, we're cursed to forever have shitty transit in this city.


- Olivia Chow gave an impassioned and principled concession speech, where the hell was all this personality throughout the campaign? I hope she continues to play a role in municipal politics in some capacity. Progressives don't have enough viable leaders in this city.

- My unreasonable crush object Joe Cressy won his council seat. I really like him for his ideas.