I haven't forgotten or abandoned any of you... I think I got hit harder with Kinja changes because work has been especially demanding, I got a laptop to work with vs my Apple and even my iphone has not cooperated with the Kinja changes.

Even now, I'm typing in a mystery box. And it's triply difficult to stay abreast of changes when I have 6 hours sleep and maybe 15 minutes to catch up before bedtime. 1st qtr in a tough fiscal year is = ==== aww, who the fuck cares? I'm stressed and running from crisis to crisis and missing all of you. And I officially quit drinking which generally feels good but tonight's one of the nights where I'm on my 2nd gin and wanting to run home to Boston {from Mystic CT}.

Anyway, Kinja sucks. And this Spring weather can suck it. But I miss and snark and laugh with all of you. xoxo