I'm having one of THOSE days. The ones you want to pretend didn't happen and maybe pick off the calendar and flick into a pit of fire. I got an awesome night's sleep after a really shitty one so I shouldn't be this bothered by all the things. I had an annoying doctor's appointment this morning. I just started the 4th GoT book and it's awful. I met with a recruiter last week who basically dangled my dream job in my face only to ignore me for 4 days and then call today and say the position was filled yesterday, she hadn't realized they had already done first round interviews AND a few second rounds LAST WEEK. My pants are too big (I should be happy about this but they are giving me that polterwang-effect.) Oh, and I didn't realize until I got to work that one of my shoes has puppy bite marks all over the toe (THANKS WESLEY CRUSHER PUP!) I blew out one side of my earbuds last night so I had to buy another pair so I could run tonight and they are ugly and were more than I wanted to spend but the only pair at the one place I could stop between my office and the doctor. Notice how benign and "first world" these problems are and yet I still want to punch everything, which makes me feel like a selfish asshole which just makes me feel worse.


Hmm. That sort of felt good? I promise I won't ever do this again. Flog me if you wish.