Thought the First: A lot of my friends on FB have changed their pictures to pictures of their mothers. It is very tempting to start commenting on them: "Good God, who's that guy, and why is he your profile pic—is this some kind of warning to people about the dangers of meth?"

Thought the Second: Someone just posted an article about "Why I Hate Mother's Day" (or something like that). I didn't read it, but the lede pretty much gives me the information I need: Mother's Day sends the message to childless women that they're less worthy.


I hate the "people without children are just selfish" argument, and I would imagine that it's much more grating for women, for a lot of reasons. Still, if you take issue with that argument—as we all should—complaining about the one day of the year dedicated to people thanking their moms (and buying cards) because it overlooks you doesn't help the cause.