Alright. Biopsies aren’t that bad but waiting for the fucking results will certainly take years off your life. I was supposed to get the results last Wednesday, then it would be another day or two, then Monday for sure, then yesterday happens and my doctor is in surgery all day so it will be today. I’m afraid I lost my shit on whoever answered the phone yesterday and probably another twenty years of my life just waiting for the call.

I talked to the doctor today and he said that what happened was the lab initially tested for cancer, found none and permanently closed the results before opening it back up to test for more rare types of cancer (that’s what I remember the doc telling me so if it sounds weird, apologies.) That’s why it took so long. I’ll get those results next Wednesday but the doctor made it clear he was very optimistic about everything and said that sometimes this shit just happens. He said sometimes lymph nodes contract viral infections that doesn’t effect the rest of the body (apparently this happens with children) but causes the nodes to swell up. So I just have sensitive neck lymph nodes.

Regardless, because of all the health problems I have been having coupled with this shit, I decided to withdraw from my graduate program until I can get my health and finances in order. All I did was press “pause” on this semester, will finish it at a later date and then jump back in next summer. I really have just been going going going going since last summer with school and then starting this program on top of trying to find a job and dealing with the stress this fucking corrupt af administration keeps doing and my mom’s bullshit just fucked up my health.

A company hiring freelance writers *hired* me so yay! I’ve still applying for work with jobs that have stability and benefits but I am working at a women’s Ted Talk conference next month. Cats are good, ManWriter and I are doing great and about to celebrate our six-year anniversary! It’s still been getting hot out here during the day, between 85-92, but it’s been so nice and cool at night.

How is everyone?