I just saw a late night commercial for the Website Ashley Madison with couples looking like zombies, and the wife finds Ashley Madison and she looks normal again while her husband is still a zombie. Like what the ever living fuck.

Maybe I have some stupid ideas in my head, but for the love of everything holy, make some good love to your wife my friends. Go that extra mile because you love them, treat them. I love my wife, I do shit that would make Jenna Jamison blush to make her happy. I think she does the same.

Of all the fights and arguments that you get in, that issue has never been one. But keeping the faith is how I got 6 years in. If you go to Madison, and ya didn’t tell your man/ woman that is your fault in failing to communicate your needs. Shit, I think half the dudes that wives are on Madison, are just not keeping it real. I think Jez wrote an interview from a user that’s husband had medical reasons for not fucking his wife but, shit.

I know, I am being abliest. I would say sorry, but I am not. If you are a dude you have a million options. Better yet, go fucking take care of yourself, it probly has something to do with how you take care of yourself. TL out.