So there is an initiative on the ballot that requires labeling of GMOs. Now, this is a harmless little initiative that I will likely vote for on principle, because fuck a Monsanto. However, I may leave it blank because the Yes people are like your worst hippie nightmares come true. I'm talking GMO causes autism, fluoride is mind control, your corn will eat you if the chemtrails the government is putting into the atmosphere won't kill you first types. I have no problem with labeling stuff GMO in theory because it's just a fucking label, but the uber-hippie types aren't really known for being too scientifically literate, and Science doesn't come down on the side of GMOs causing you to grow a tail. It's just sort of a non-issue in my mind and it's not like the people super-concerned with GMOs aren't already buying locally sourced shit from the co-op. Then again hyper-hippies are basically harmless and while annoying, aren't stone-cold evil mega-corporations, so I will probably vote Yes just to screw those guys.