His 'takedown' of Rich's post about Iggy Azalea was the usual snobbish demand that Iggy is not some genius with a vision so why give her any attention. Known libertarian fedorabros like lesterhalfjr joined in, frustrated at a bunch of intelligent women enjoying RiRi, telling us how analysis of pop culture has ruined academia as well as pop music. I would've been on Lester's side if he had criticized some professor claiming Beyonce to be a feminist icon.

Yes its disposable pop music. It demands equally disposable analysis. Do they actually think Rich spent more than an hour listening to her and writing the article? Rich's comparison of Iggy to drag queens wasn't a stretch considering it was inspired from RuPaul. The presumption that pop culture is not worth analysis because it wasn't intended as a piece of art is anachronous in the postmodern era when there is no separation between high (art proper) and low art (entertainment). Love it or hate it - Iggy, Kim K, Beiber, etc. are phenomena worth examining.

No one is invested in Iggy's career - not me, neither Rich so don't ask me to defend her. Further down in the thread, Bonmorte brings up Cory Doctorow's Disney Fetish novel 'Down & out in the magical kingdom' as some profound Sci-Fi so he must be less shallow than Iggy... right?

The most Quixotic element of bonmorte's mission though is his distaste for "That middle-aged mafia of ladies" that hang off the main page. You see he isn't interested in exchanging recipes or drinks or the discontent of married life (the unsaid assumption - manly men don't do this shit). If he had criticized Groupthink's GIFs-will-make-us-feel-better aesthetic (more suited to facebook) and the flood of boredom & ennui that is encouraged through pure time-pass posts, I would be on his side. But no, he has chosen us.

He hates any sense of virtual community, yet he loves the adulation enough to punch in every Saturday. Doesn't wanna disappoint his virtual peeps. He hates any expression of love online claiming it becomes a circle jerk and chooses instead to hang out with people who disagree with him, never realizing the irony in recreating the 'school of hard knocks' bullshit as a counterpart to the imagined 'safe zone for aunties' he thinks we are.

Just another internet tough guy elevating discourse by reducing gawker comments to machismo from the streets.