First, I want to thank all of you for your kind words and support. She and I both appreciate it, so much. If she could, she would slime all of you :)

The vet called night before last with her blood test results. Everything was good except for she has very very minor pancreatitis. Right now, the vet said it's nothing to worry about - and definitely NOT connected to her eye/mouth stuff. She has to be on a special diet for a week then we'll re-evaluate. She hates her special food, plus her diet means none of her special doggie treats during the day. AND - worst of all - no cat food. I try to not let her have any at all because I know it's not good for her, but she's fast and sneaky. No matter where I put it, she finds it - the big fat.

As for her eye/mouth drooping - the vet is very hopeful that it's connected to her ear infection. He said she has a very deep infection, that her inner ear was very inflamed and that could cause some of the nerves that go to her eye and mouth to also become inflamed and stop working. She's on a two week dose of antibiotics and if that doesn't clear up her eye/mouth then we're going to have to go to a neurologist and get a MRI.

So fingers crossed that the antibiotics work!