See what y’all think of this. The writer is pretty contemptuous, of both the company and the new plan for to focus on politics.

It is a column—an opinion piece—not a news story, so it’s not breaking any rules. And it is accurate.


Gawker, the multimillion dollar gossip and bile website, reined in the worst of its antisocial behavior this summer after a widespread backlash over the particularly sadistic pummeling it gave a publishing executive without public position or profile using details of his private life leaked to it by a would-be extortionist.

But, in fact, the new Gawker, according to last week’s announcement, turns out to be a site that will be run by longtime Gawker staffers John Cook and Alex Pareene, both who have spent almost their entire careers working for Denton (both briefly leaving and hurriedly returning), excelling at Gawker-brand cruelty.