So, this afternoon as I'm walking back from the local cigarette shop to the local bar I decide to check out the e-cigarette store that opened on the street about a month or two ago.

Inside there are a bunch of teenagers browsing but the owner sees me - a middle class dude holding two 30 packs of Gauloises Red - and clearly thinks I could be a big money customer and comes up to me.

He asks me if I'm interested in trying some of his product and I admit I'm curious. He asks me how long the two 30 packs usually last me and I'm like "a day."

Dude then goes over this entire tray of vials he has on his counter and points to one and says "I usually use this for people who want to test it" and then points at another vial, "but I think you'd prefer this which is the real strong stuff."

At this point I begin to feel like Vincent Vega with Eric Stoltz trying to sell him the "madman" but, fuck it, I like nicotine and he wants me to try it so why not.

He then loads up this long beautiful device which looks amazingly like a combination of a super long cigarette and a high end drug needle kit and hands it to me.

I take a good long drag to get a sense of the taste and exhale.

At this point the small shop completely fills up with a gigantic cloud of water vapor smoke to the point where it is impossible for me to see the dude two feet in front of me. And I get this giant head rush that feels like I've just done three poppers and two lines of cocaine at the same time.

"This is not possible," he said.

(Note, this conversation was in French and "This is not possible" is a common French expression.)

Then he takes the device from my hands and checks the level of the liquid in the vial. He then explains that I have in one drag smoked the equivalent of an entire pack of cigarettes.

I asked him why he didn't warn me about that. He said that most heavy smokers who come to him don't have the lung capacity to inhale that much at one go.

"I am very impressed," he commented as my stoned ass thanked him and walked out the door.