I learned this week that, with the patchwork quilt of gay marriage laws around the country, there are scenarios in which married same-sex couples who call it quits are not legally able to separate.

Specifically, if you live in a state that doesn't recognize gay marriage and you hop up to NY or MA for your nuptials, you're pretty much fucked if you decide to split. Both NY and MA are happy to marry out of towners, but waive jurisdiction once you're locked in with Jesus. Obviously, if your home state doesn't recognize your marriage to begin with, they can't divorce you, either.

It's called being "wedlocked," which is about as perfect a term for this nightmare scenario as I could possibly imagine. The solution is to become a resident of a state where SSM is recognized, which often entails moving there for up to a year (!), at which point they can divorce you.

Be careful, all ye marrying homos of Clashtalk.