After the exodus, readership at CRT has dropped so sharply that classic posts appear on the sidebar (which is not a list anymore, just two/three articles). Before they stopped showing the total views, the Chandelier video post had crossed 9000.

Now that the second video by Sia using the same dancer has appeared, the first one is not so confounding. Just by comparison, we see the first was about battling addiction and despair alone while the second is about battling addiction in and of a relationship.

Of course, as the headline on the Chandelier post and the youtube comments on the new 'Elastic heart' video attest, most of the internet cannot get over paedophilia. I fail to see how a grimy child in a derelict setting (with or without Shia Labeouf) can be sexy.

But this response is about much more than the confusion with which a child's sexuality (categorically 'innocent') is greeted by liberal adults. Clio, who posted the Chandelier video, was honest enough in the comments to accept that he would be uncomfortable letting his hypothetical daughter do the video. [insert obligatory thinkofthechildren_simpsons.jpg here] That is a nice emotion which wins approval of other nice people but that kind of rhetorical reasoning is also the problem.

It is not the child they want to protect from sexualization; it is they themselves that need to be protected from the knowledge of living in an abject, meaningless universe which the placing of a child ('naked' in a skin coloured leotard) in the filthy inner world of an adult expresses.


Parents don't romanticize raising a child; would-be parents do. Most kids are as disgusting & useless as their parents. Most kids through history have survived a childhood much worse than the LA fame factory.

It is adult sensitivity that finds the video disturbing; kids are resilient. They are resilient because they are cruel. They are cruel because they can't see beyond the immediate. Narcissism is a teenage affliction as much as civility is an adult one. The veneer of civilization is exceedingly thin.