TehRivChuck earned that distinction the hard way yall- by taking David Wilson way too early in our fantasy draft.

I love those 10 AM road kickoffs. Right after the 8 AM EPL game concludes (while we're on the subject of the EPL, Dewars did another round of those absolutely bonkers commercials with Claire Forlani this season! Yes! Because who doesn't want to see their favorite girl-next-door-type from bad 90's movies mature into an insane alcoholic? I don't know who this "Angus" is that she speaks of, but he definitely gets minus-points if Claire hasn't totally creeped him out yet), before three hours of non-Raiders football somewhat dulls the edge. Also, drinking a couple beers that early is less likely to lead to a unwanted late afternoon nap. Now what would make the 10 AM games REALLY awesome would be occasionally winning one.

The Raiders historically don't do well playing early on the East Coast. They are also currently on a solid road losing streak anyway. They will be without Darren McFadden and DJ Hayden, and will only be dressing one backup offensive lineman. Menelik Watson, who was probably the closest thing to a bright spot last week, will be getting the first start of his career at RT. His play will be my focus if/when this game gets out of hand.

The NFL usually ends up being a roller coaster of ups and downs more than a series of readily identifiable trends. For example, Nick Motherfucking Foles. It's why nobody gets rich betting on football, and why I don't win every single one of my fantasy leagues despite clearly being a football genius and more smarter than everybody else. As bad as the Raiders looked last week, it really is just as likely for them to have it turned around by 11:00 this morning as it is for them to succumb to the warm, dark embrace of the 2013 tank. The Giants get RB Andre Brown back today, and I will not underestimate the spark that could provide a team who had been trotting out Peyton Hillis and Brandon Jacobs at the position for the last month. And despite having a worse record than the Raiders, they can still realistically be talking playoffs because the NFC East sucks.

With what the Raiders are trying to build, the last thing they want is to come out and get drilled by mediocre teams two games in a row. But with the Giants' history of late-season turnarounds, this game seems like a perfect set-up for them. Terrelle Pryor will be our only real play-maker on the field. McFadden's replacement Rashad Jennings had a solid enough game picking up garbage yards while we were down by thirty last week, but the hype about him having starting RB potential has been dead ever since he blew at least a couple good opportunities to break out in Jacksonville. If the Giants can bottle Pryor up and keep him in the pocket, the should have this one in the bag.

So yeah, I'm expecting a shitshow simliar to last week from the Raiders today. But, writing this here and now at least, in the event of the worst-case scenario I'd rather watch Menelik Watson than RedZone. So TehRivChuck, and any and all other Wrong Coasters so inclined, feel free to liveblog or textually abuse me throughout the game in the comments. It will likely be the most enjoyable part of my day until the Panthers beat the Niners. Go Raiders.