I am going to the game tomorrow. And it looks like I will be wearing shorts. In the second week of November, may I add. Raider game sunburns are always fun. I'll be damned if I put on sunscreen for a football game. OTIS SISTRUNK DIDN'T NEED NO SUNSCREEN. Oh wait...

So not only do the Raiders suck horribly, not only did they catch a historically difficult schedule, but they can't fucking catch a break in terms of trap games being set up for them to take advantage of them. The Browns lost to Jacksonville the week before they played us. Seattle lost the week before they played us. And now here we go again with Denver.

PFT reported that odds went up at 10-1 for the Raiders to go 0-16. I would have been all over that. They're still trying, they've looked better under Sparano than Allen, but this shit looks bleak. If they win one, it will be against the Chiefs.

They will not win tomorrow. I brought back one of those lucky cats from Japan for my Raiders br0 Autumn Wind. The purple one, signifying "success." I'm going to give it to him tomorrow, and I will pet it's little head for good luck on the way out the door to the game, and I expect that cat to just laugh in my fucking face. That's a pretty tall order for kitty.

Go Raiders.