It wasn't supposed to rain today. Rain and a sloppy field would not be helpful to a team with an abysmal running game, receivers who can't get separation, and a CB with persistent groin issues. It's been raining all fucking day.

No, this is not the trap game we've been looking for, if I may combine dumbass Star Wars memes. As early as Sunday evening articles began popping up suggesting it was. But logic dictates when you have a game with trap potential, the more people talk about it, the less trappy it gets. A Thursday night game on the road a few time zones over against a win-less team, the week after knocking off the defending champions, is just too obvious.

There is still some hope though. The Raiders played KC tough in their first game last season before Jamaal Charles destroyed them the second time around. If the Raiders can manage to bottle up Charles, the Chiefs' lack of any aerial threats on the outside should keep the game close. Hopefully they choose not to involve Travis Kelce too much for at least another game, because I don't think Miles Burris could cover him. The defense will be missing both Carlos Rogers and TJ Carrie, but as long as DJ Hayden can stay on the field we should be able to keep a lid on things.

You will hear boos if Latavius Murray does not get some early carries. If he does, you will probably still hear boos, deservedly so, for various and sundry reasons. Reports seem to indicate the squad recognizes the opportunity inherent in a Thursday night home game, and they're all in for this one. It's cleared up a bit outside now, exactly two anna half hours before kickoff, and if we're lucky that trend will continue. Again, I don't see inclement weather being of any use to us. We need to play a perfect game to have a shot. Even in our current hapless state we're better off with ball security not being an issue for anybody. That is how sad our offense is. Anything less than a pick-six or turnover in the red zone for our defense just prolongs our inevitable futility.

I am optimistic tonight though. One aspect of our all-encompassing suck we've began to address the past couple years was our lack of success within the AFC West. We had no business beating the Chargers last year. The Chiefs had our number something terrible during my teens, and thankfully that has been turned around. Our games against the Chiefs used to bring out the worst in our referee friends back in the day as well, culminating in the time a ref knocked Tim Brown off his route resulting in a game-winning pick-six for KC. There was a good while there where I definitely hated KC more than Denver because of their dominance over us, and the seeming constant bullshit that allowed it. Our rivalry with Denver has been much more of a give-and-take during my lifetime. Therefore, beating the Chiefs feels better than beating every other NFL team. Except for one.


Speaking of which, you should watch the game tonight and figuratively soak in all that Oakland Coliseum ambiance (or just hot-box your living room- same difference) while my br0s are out there soaking literally, it might be the last football game the venerable old stadium lives through. Because in two weeks, those people come to town...

And seeing as the text-br0s are at the game, I think it's going to be drunken live-blog steez on here tonight for as long as I can muster other words to form sentences with all the profanity.