When your team moves after featuring one of the most awesome players in NFL history, you follow them. And then you are rewarded by having no personal stake in the dumpster fire that is the 2013 Houston Texans.

I can't imagine any of us will be taking the fact that both teams are a game out of the final AFC playoff position too seriously. There is really only one storyline going into this game- MATT MCGLOIN! The Houston defense is respectable, but it's hard to give a guy too much credit for beating a 2-7 team led by a head coach in full idiot mode. The Titans and their excellent secondary will be a much more revealing test for McGloin. I believe Pryor is officially still "injured," but a strong performance by McGloin today will send Pryor to the bench for the remainder of the season.

McFadden is still out injured (surprise!), and Denarius Moore will be joining him in street clothes today. With the play of Rashad Jennings and Denarius' inconsistency, it can be argued that both these scratches could be boons to McGloin. He should also enjoy a surplus of moral support, as a sold-out Coliseum gets to voice it's approval of the Ginger Smurf.

Chris Johnson has had big days against us before, but Dennis Allen seems to have fixed the Raiders' notoriously leaky run D. I believe Andre Brown is the only back to go over 100 yards against us this year, and it took him 30 carries to do it at less than 4 yards per carry. This game has all the makings of a tight one. First team to 20 points wins. Go Raiders.