My Steelers' fan coworker who covers my Sunday shifts so I can watch football (*cough* Raiders 1, Steelers 0) went back to PA this weekend to make sure all his friends and family are still fat and unemployed. Therefore I will not be able to watch this game in its entirety.

I'm genuinely surprised the opportunity for me to watch the game actually exists- thought this game would be blacked out locally for sure, but nope. Good for us. Not so good for us was Denver losing on Thursday night. Now KC has something to play for against our QB-rotating asses.

Several of the teams we're jockeying for draft position with play each other today. But even that angle doesn't do much for our NFL interest this weekend, as somebody has to lose.

So I guess this weekend will be all about laughing or crying about bad beats in fantasy football. The last two weeks are always hilarious for the random dudes that break out and have huge games to crush the dreams of people who thought they had titles all wrapped up. Today, Da'Rick Rogers make Real Amurrican cry like a baby. Go Raiders. Go HAIGHT UR ASS FACE.

Oh, since we are playing the Chiefs today, I would be remiss to not mention that on Tuesday, A Football Life debuts its episode on Marty Schottenheimer. They were running commercials for it during the game Thursday night. And in those commercials, Marty was already crying. You can't make that up (although had he not been crying in the commercials, and I had thought of it, I would have tried).