It was a great indication of how much people hate the Raiders when I caught multiple articles last week talking about how the demolition of the Niners on Sunday was a bad thing for the team.

"Oh, they screwed up their draft position!" Last year, that argument would have had some merit. This year, with a franchise QB in place, no.

"Oh, Tony Sparano is now too good to fire- they're totally stuck with him!" That is just stupid. Very, very stupid.

The only bad thing about our win last week is that it didn't cap off the season. I have mentioned it before, and it definitely bears repeating now- our last real run, under Gruden, jumped off with a big win in the last game of the season against the Chiefs the year before the Raiders actually got their shit together.

And look who we got this week...

I was going to invite my good friend Clark, of Clark's Chiefs, to be my first guest contributor today. I was going to solicit his thoughts on Alex Smith, because Clark is a smart man, obviously realizes that Alex Smith sucks, and there are a lot of Niner fans who REALLY need to be reminded of that right now. Sure, Kaepernick sucks too, I'm not gonna argue with you. But Alex Smith is, and has always been, hopeless. Alex Smith is basically a Jay Cutler with half the arm strength who acts like he gives a shit. Anybody who wishes Alex Smith was the starting QB for their preferred football team deserves the years of mediocrity that would undoubtedly lead to.


But I felt that it would be bad form to instigate Clark into shitting on his own QB right before a game against a hated rival. If Alex Smith can manage to lose to the 2014 Raiders twice in a season though, I assume it won't take much prompting to get some thoughts from Clark for the recap.

I, for one, would very much like to see the Raiders win this game. A season sweep of a supposedly contending rival would be hilarious. And we got this game, another winnable contest next week at home against the Bills, and then at Denver to close out the season. So this is where I formally start my #stopthecarr campaign. Our last game is meaningless and not in front of the home fans- sit The Franchise down. I think everybody will agree that he has done more than enough for us already this season. Give my main man Matt McGloin the start (kick rocks, Schaubby).

Not sure how worked up I'll be able to get about next week's meaningless game against a blah franchise either, so this might be our last memorable game of the season. A victory would set up an eerie similarity to our last rise to prominence. And also, fuck the Chiefs. Aside from Clark, they have a doofus fucking fan base. They made a contrived effort to set the record for "loudest fans" during our game at their overrated stadium last year like the cornball schmucks they are. You want to pat yourself on the back as a fan base? Stand strong through a 2-11 season like my peoples are doing this year in wonderfully conspicuous fashion. Being loud on a day when your opponent is fielding two janitors and a bus driver on its offensive line ain't shit. Fucking clown ass barbeque snobs... IT'S FUCKING MEAT AND FIRE GUYS. It's not rocket science. Cali BBQ steez all day- we just grill and eat, and let yall hicks fight over which state does it best. That's almost as dumb as wanting Alex Smith to be your QB. Also, if your sauce is watery and you prefer your meat in a sandwich, your BBQ is bullshit anyway.


Fuck the Chiefs. GO RAIDERS.