We were warned about Mark Davis. When it became clear that the franchise would become his if and when his father passed away, initial reports on his expected competence were not favorable. He's been doing a well enough job for us the past couple years while there was really very little for him to fuck him up. But now that we're ready to put two pointless seasons behind us, Mark has decided that it's time to start getting antsy. This does not bode well.

The Raiders have overachieved this season. Our coaching staff has wrung more out of the dung heap of talent they were given than we could have reasonably expected. But while disappointing teams like Atlanta and Houston, who had every intention of contending for a title this year, have been content to throw in the towel in favor of looking toward next season and improving their draft position, Mark Davis has decided that the last three weeks of a throwaway season is time for the Raiders to kick ass and take names or heads are gonna roll!

Well, a head anyway, that of head coach Dennis Allen. And Dennis Allen deserves that like I deserve a Niners jersey for Christmas.

Big picture, this could still just end up being no big deal. $70 million in cap space and the chance to build a team from scratch could appeal to some guys who would make Dennis Allen expendable under far better circumstances. And much of the drama here is being reported by Michael Silver, who is a known idiot and has taken every opportunity to slam Mark Davis ever since Hue Jackson was fired. But Michael Silver did not make up the fact that Mark Davis said that Allen is coaching for his job the last three games of the season, all of which are against division rivals still with something to play for. And no matter how the situation ends up playing out, the fact that Mark felt the need to come out and publicly say that is very worrisome.

Mark Davis did not ask for his job, which was plainly evident when it was thrust upon him. Faced with Crazy Hue Jackson trying to trade all of our draft picks for the rest of my foreseeable life in an effort to make a playoff push and/or poison the well to scare off any potential competition for his job, Mark decided to err on the side of "staying the fuck out the way" and let Hue run wild. He left the football stuff to the football guy, and regardless of how it turned out, I'm OK with that. And ever since, every word and deed has been along the same lines. He's letting GM Reggie McKenzie actually general manage while Mark has made the team's stadium situation his personal priority. Makes all the sense in the world to me.


The plan was to eat all the cap hits these last two seasons so they can hit the ground running next year. Again, makes sense. I'd rather write off two seasons than half-ass it for 3-5 and likely get similar results. What does not make any sense is acting like the unanimous choice for worst roster in the league is somehow underachieving, just when that light at the end of the tunnel finally appears. This could be driven by our fans, who just like last year, have become embarrassing. I don't know who these people were who were chanting for Terrelle Pryor last week, but they are not smart. TAKE THE FUCKING L'S, YOU MORONS. Guaranteed that the same idiots would bitch about getting the #8 pick instead of the #3 pick in the draft after the fact.

And speaking of Terrelle Pryor, are we supposed to believe that his poaching of the occasional series from McGloin the past few weeks has been Dennis Allen's call? Because I don't. That has to be coming from upstairs. So Dennis Allen gets two years with one of the worst rosters of all time, told how to use said horrid roster, and it's HIS ass on the line? That's some horseshit. If Mark Davis is going to get that impatient with somebody who was pretty much supposed to lose, what kind of temperament can we expect from him when the chips are down and we're NOT supposed to lose?


This was not how this season was supposed to play out, and it's got me pissed the fuck off. As much as I've suffered in my lifetime as a Raiders fan, two bad seasons is whatever. But if this operation turns out to be rotten at the top and fucks up the rebuild, that's when the shit will really hit the fan. If they fuck up the rebuild, the Raiders will leave Oakland.

I'll leave the "Go Raiders!" shit to Mark this time. Because we should, and will, lose this game. Get your shit together buddy.