Let's soak it up br0s. Definitely for sure the last meaningless Week 17 game we'll have for a generation, unless of course we have home field locked up and are resting our starters. THE YEARS OF PAIN END TODAY, FOLLOWED BY THE INEVITABLE GOLDEN ROAD OF GLORY PAVED WITH LOMBARDI TROPHIES AND THE TAU CELLS OF OUR ENEMIES THAT WILL CARRY ME INTO THE AFTERLIFE.

Terrelle Pryor gets the call to start at QB this week for your Oakland Raiders. There was a minor kerfuffle early in the week when Pryor's genius agent came out and publicly said that coach Allen was actually playing Pryor in hopes he would look terrible, thereby justifying the switch to McGloin. Everybody else involved rightly shot that down as the dumbass shit it was. Your client sat on the bench behind Matt Flynn this year, and you're going to complain about him getting a meaningless late-season start? You're an idiot.

For me, this move sounds like a statement from the team that it is entirely possible they will draft a QB with their first pick. That makes me nervous. Jadeveon Clowney got another speeding ticket this week, and even before that the handful of mock drafts I've seen lately had him potentially falling to us. If they trade down and take a QB, fine. But they go all in with some guy from Central Florida or a Carr brother with the #5 pick and he sucks... I am going to be PISSED.

Lord only knows how different this team is going to be the next time it runs onto the field. The boys did a great job in fighting off the inevitable this season. I would not be mad if they went out and and notched themselves another W today. One of my favorite games in Raiders history is Joe Nedney riding off into the sunset after beating Kansas City in what ended up jumping off our last run. Fuck the Broncos. Go Raiders.