The offense sucks. The defense sucks. But you gotta love a three-point 'dog at home!

Or so I was told. The Raiders actually covered last weekend. My main man at the deli counter won $200. Him and another of the grocery store fam were extolling the virtues of home underdogs the other morning. I just stood there and shook my head. Any Raiders fan who can't resist the urge to put real money on us this week- you have a serious problem, dude. You are an insane degenerate if you're not sitting this one out.

I don't even fucking gamble, and this is what I'm already reduced to talking about in Week 2 off this team. Jesus Fucking Christ.

Not that there isn't some potential for Sunday though. Last year's game between the Texans and Raiders was one of the highlights of the season. The Mr. Davis Bowl in 2011 was an indelible moment in time. But unfortunately Matt Schaub plays for the Raiders now, so it wouldn't surprise me if our luck against them has run out.

A month ago this game looked like real trouble. I figured the Texans would tee off on Schaub something terrible. But starting Carr flips that script entirely. From what we've seen so far, he should be playing for them. They blew it not taking him at the the top of the second round. And it's hard not to think that Houston's experience with brother David Carr played a part in that decision. Projections and grades were varied on Derek Carr heading into the draft this year but it was a consensus opinion that anybody who got him in the second round would be making a very prudent investment. Straight up, it's a slap in the face that an NFL team chose to roll with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum over taking Derek Carr in the second round. And all because they wanted to front on the Carr family name, yo? AW HELLLLLLS NAW. That's his fam, fam!


The Raiders sure ain't beating New England next week. Miami is looking good, and if we're 0-3 against the Jets and Giants back east over the last year, I don't like our chances against anybody going to fucking London. So this is quite possibly the last chance for Dennis Allen to save his job. They lose this game, they will for sure lose the next two, and then if they lose the week after the bye to be 0-5, Dennis Allen will be replaced as head coach by Tony Sparano. I'm calling that right now. Making the change during the bye week would make more sense, but that's too early, and with Sparano being the likely interim choice it would be a smooth enough transition.

Sio Moore and Khalil Mack looked dangerous off the edges for us last week, and Mack reportedly looked his best yet in practice this week. If they can rattle some cages and Greg Olson lets Derek Carr off the leash so he can get that sweet, sweet vengeance, we just may have a game. Nevertheless, Raiders +3... insane degenerate.

Go Raiders.