First the good news- the Raiders play the early game the next two weeks, so we can just mercifully get it out of the way ASAP and then watch some real football.

That's all for the good news. There have been a few Raiders games the past few years that looked positively hopeless from afar but ended up being anything but- namely, the win over Pittsburgh and close loss at Atlanta two years ago. But this is positively hopeless. About a third of the Raiders' starters have missed practice this week. The Patriots are 0-2. They will pummel us.

Most Raiders fans get pretty worked up about New England. I do not. Despite the Raiders not playing NE last year, I feel like I have previously gone into some detail about how I don't hate the Patriots enough for some people's tastes. Belichick is the ideal football coach. I can't even pretend like I wouldn't want him to coach my team. He also was friendly with Mr. Davis. Friendly enough that over the course of one interview or another Bill asked Mr. Davis why he should have even bothered to come, because everybody knows Mr. Davis will never hire a defensive-minded head coach. It was a fair question.

No, all the rage still boiling inside me regarding The Tuck Game is directed at motherfucking Walt Coleman. As we are all learning more and more about how scummy the NFL is on a daily basis, allow me to offer up what is currently the most interesting fact about the NFL- since The Tuck Game, referee Walt Coleman, who reversed the fumble call via replay, has not been assigned to work a Raiders game. Referees are assigned their games at random- unless they're not, as we learned recently when Mike Carey divulged he asked to not be assigned Washington games over the last few years of his career.

So well over a decade has passed, and just by the luck of the draw, Walt Coleman has coincidentally not drawn an assignment featuring the team he fucked over with one of the worst calls in the history of the NFL? Not even on the road? BULLSHIT. BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT. Something is up with that. And I can't imagine it can be anything other than the league finding some evidence that Walt Coleman was less than completely unbiased when he went under that fucking hood and called a fumble an incomplete pass.



Go Raiders.