The scuttlebutt on new Raiders interim head coach Tony Sparano is that he's a good coach, but he kinda gets on people's nerves. Seeing him coach up our scrubtastic offensive line last year validates the first part of that assessment. And I only had to listen to him for about twenty seconds before I was willing to cosign in full on the second part.

But, he's an annoying guy who also engineered a record-tying, ten-win improvement over the previous season for the 2008 Dolphins, so as long as I don't have to work for him he sounds like about as good a choice as anybody else for the time being. He still has the same shitty players Dennis Allen did though. And that burying the ball bullshit was indeed about as bad as Magary made it out to be. And he is reportedly ready to give Denarius Moore "a clean slate," which makes me wonder if he's been watching anything on offense the past two years aside from his o-lineman.

Whatever. He gets twelve games, then he's gone, and as long as Derek Carr remains largely intact for his tenure, hey, great job Tony! Speaking of which, Carr is expected to play Sunday. He's supposedly not 100%, which makes me nervous, but I'm going to look at the positives here. He's already displayed more athleticism than we could have hoped for. If he's a naturally tough motherfucker too, as coming back from a high ankle and MCL sprain in two weeks would seem to indicate, well fuck... I think we got a keeper here. Menelik Watson will be starting at RT for an injured Khalif Barnes and the Chargers D has been kicking ass lately against actual legitimate NFL offenses, so again... nervous. But Donald Penn (I typed "Donald Peen" first. Heh heh... Donald Peen) has been holding down the blindside well enough. I got the impression Reggie/management was pulling some strings with our QB situation last year so that will be the reason I tell myself I can't imagine them playing Carr for one more snap in this already completely lost season if he's at risk for further injury.

And holy shit, did the Texans ever blow it by not drafting him in the second round. Somebody should have been fired for that today. Watching that game last night I felt bad for both everybody on the Texans roster not named Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Derek Carr himself. They would have contended with him this year. But no, because they fucked up on David Carr, Houston refused to take little brother. And they got burrrrrrrned. Good job guys, good effort.

Also, I will be attending this football contest on Sunday! I have attended a number of notable Raider debuts the past few years. Carson Palmer, when he came on after halftime completely unprepared because Kyle Boller is a piece of shit, looking precisely like a QB who was just handed the playbook days before. Matt Flynn, who turned in as bad a performance as I've ever seen from a QB last year against Washington.

But I also was at the first game Jeff Hostetler played for the Raiders. We made the trip down to LA, saw him and James Jett destroy the Vikings on opening day, and had a blast. Fuck bitch ass Carson Palmer (please beat the Niners though, sir) and Matt Flynn. Sparano and ol' Hoss kinda got that similar East Coast, mustachioed even though Tony shaved it off I think, kinda vibe. And I'll be damned if I don't get fired up to go see a game against one of our divisional rivals... for who knows how much longer.


Go Raiders.