What’re Clasktalk’s plans this weekend? What’re you listening to? What are you eating?

This weekend I’m planning on testing some recipes for a dinner party I’m having next week.

Plan is to do a glazed duck confit with a sauce verte over a parsnip puree and a roasted vegetable of some kind. Then grapefruit curd sundaes with olive oil and sea salt for dessert. Gonna test the parsnip puree and sauce verte this weekend to get my ratios/technique right. Cooking this out of my favorite cookbook Taste & Technique by Naomi Pomeroy who is a fabulously talented Portland chef. It’s not an everyday cookbook but she has guidelines and information for just about everything. I pull it out for special occasions or when I want to get more ambitious with my cooking.


(The recipe on the cover is the one I’m attempting)

I wanna test the grapefruit curd especially cause I’ve made it before but grapefruit can be tricky to get a strong flavor out of. It’s a weirdly delicate flavor. Any tips would be appreciated.


Also Charlie Puth released a cheesy, yet very enjoyable album. I’ve always felt some appreciation cause he’s a Berklee kid #boston.