An old clickhole post successfully marrying yo mama jokes with stories of being in someone else’s (usually less fortunate) shoes.

From the moment I put on the fat suit, it became clear that your mom’s life was way more challenging than I ever could’ve imagined. You can’t sit down without first checking for innocent bystanders. You can’t roll over in bed without getting your passport stamped. You can’t even take a selfie without using Google Maps.

Mushrooms and movie watching,

I say the names of friends and loved ones out loud in a futile attempt to maintain a grasp on the last threads of my humanity. Mom. Dad. Grandma. Grandpa. Dave. Thank you, Dave, for letting me use your Netflix account. I’m sorry your recommendations are filled with National Geographic documentaries about Russian serial killers.


And our old friend Joel Johnson wrote a sci-fi fragment on the near future economy. The format of this article reminds me of a game I played recently which recreated the BBS scene. Think of a visual novel based around the legendary Uplink interface but consciously primitive. Check it out here.