Here are four articles I came across this week. One of them is almost a classic by now. They should take around 90-100 mins total.

My favourite vertical on gawker had a post by Weinstein that didn't just match Phelan's original run but outshone it in its examination of the point where skepticism and solipsism meet to declare all history as a conspiracy. John Gray over on Guardian examined a less spectacular but no less offensive (in its pedantry) view of history by the 'atheist' Pinker. To round off this trilogy of great criticisms, here is the legendary takedown of Lord Of The Rings and other reactionary texts by Michael Moorcock called Epic Pooh. Finally, here's an 'adult' take on Molly.

The countdown for Kristin's book is sure rustling some jimmies. By mocking a reality tv star's pretensions (writing is a process in isolation, an impossible state for a tv celebrity), the daily reminder mocks all our dreams. As they say, there is at least one good book in each of us. Instead of working diligently towards it, we distract ourselves. So we respond towards this countdown with predictable impatience, trying to remove the symptom itself that hampers our enjoyment in distraction.