Since I’ve been up since 5am and there’s nothing on tv to really keep me occupied: my dad passed away very early this morning.

I was supposed to meet my brother up there today so we could say goodbye, but I guess the universe had other plans.

I’m sad I didn’t get to say goodbye, but mildly relieved I didn’t have to see him a hospital bed. I do feel like a horrible person for not getting up there in time.

I’m also very annoyed at his wife. I spoke to her on the phone briefly and she was telling me that they had planned the music for his funeral. didnt bother telling us ya’ll were in the funeral planning stages?? She also said she brought their dog to say goodbye. 🧐 so glad the dog got to say goodbye but his kids didn’t. I’m not blaming the doggo, FYI. 

Sorry for the AM rage post.