Hey guys!

I wanted to let you know that I finished the book. I'm in final rewrites.

Maine and Deadly, I believe you are both in college. Should you be available for some research, I'd love it. I will write you all the letters of recommendation you could ever want. And anyone else who might have some Internet time to spare - I'm working on a project, and I can't possibly get through all the comments but I really do need the data. So I'm asking people who either can or did while it was happening to email me at bootstrapindustries @ gmail.

Otherwise, I miss the hell out of you guys, and I'm hoping you'll be proud of what I've done. I'll be back online soon. Someone got me a pair of Truck Nutz and I'm all fired up again. And I slept finally, so there's that.

I have always hated filing government forms. But damn if it's not super-handy to have a record of one's financial history. Super fucking handy.