...and it looks like I am still a decent parent. My new son turns one month old tomorrow. Haven't dropped him, or bent his fingers in a horrible way while dressing him.

Its been twelve years since we had a baby in our household (we started young), and it is like riding a bike. It all comes back to you.

A couple observations:

-For our pre-teen daughter, this might serve as the best form of birth control ever. She got to watch the weight gain, the swelling, the waddling, and overall discomfort.

-My wife insisted on the best ob-gyn this time around, go to the best hospital,and researched the hell out of it. She always spoke highly of him, and he seemed to treat her well. I didn't meet him until the big day....and he looked and sounded like Dr. Leo Spaceman.

-When we took our pre-birth tour of the maternity ward, our nurse tour guide was in effect, Kitty Foreman. Sweet, nice, been there for years, will answer all your questions. And then a hipster couple started coming out of nowhere with the nickel and dime questions. Can we refuse the eyedrops, the vitamin K shot. If we don't eat hospital food, do we get a discount? She drew the line when they questioned the state law of having a proper car seat. She turned around and hissed at them "You are going to be PARENTS!!".


-People for some reason assume a dad automatically prefers a son. Odd form of ingrained sexism.