So I quit my job and enrolled in school for fall semester. They're willing to work with me on getting my scholarship back and things of that nature, but I have to declare a major by tomorrow. They told me yesterday about this, and I have until tomorrow afternoon to research employment rates in my two possible majors, figure out which is actually academically viable, pick one, and defend the decision. I only decided to go back to school a week and a half ago. I intended to start in spring, but they fast-tracked me through admissions and I start class Monday. I have no idea what they're hoping to see, how to present it, or how to bolster my case for the sweet sweet free money. I haven't been a student in a decade, and I really paid no attention to it when I was. I used to turn in papers written in Sharpie and assume I'd get an A on the merit of the work, but I hear they don't go for that as much anymore and I have misplaced my favorite markers anyway. Any advice is welcome; this is all a bit overwhelming. A bit.