I had to go to the doctor earlier this week because my back has been hurting pretty bad, for no known reason.After pushing around on my back and deciding nothing was broken (obviously, since I could walk and had feeling in extremities), I get told different exercises to do. Which fine.

And then he tells me "You might also want to buy a vibrator."

Wait what?

So I'm trying hard not to laugh, and he catches himself and goes "I mean, a personal massager. Uh, a personal vibrator. A massaging vibrator."

And because I am 12 I am cracking up, which only makes things worse for him and he keeps stuttering, over and over different variations of vibrator. But since I know what he's meaning I try to save him and butt in with:

"Oh! I have one! My mom got me one but I can't use it because it's too rough and leaves me bruised."

We both stare at each other in horror for a few seconds and he finally coughs and goes "Wellllll..... let's try physical therapy."