Sorry in advance for another personal drama post.




SO I’M NOT ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE TO GO THROUGH MY DAD’S THINGS EITHER. She texted this morning saying “Please let me know which items of your dad’s you want.” And I responded saying that I was hoping to come by after the service—or even another time if that day was too busy—to go through his things. I said there are certain things that have meaning to me that are to describe.

You know how she responds???? “I’m really sorry but I am not comfortable with that. Please do your best to describe the items you are thinking of. If they still exist they are yours.” and then she said some garbage about how they downsized.

I asked her if there was a reason she wasn’t comfortable allowing me go through my dad’s stuff—that I feel as though I have a right to know considering this is stuff I grew up with and he and I had a connection with.

You know what this wretch said? “I am not trying to keep you from items you want (ed note: REALLY CAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT FUCKING SEEMS LIKE). However, I do not feel the need to defend my decision on this matter to you. It is my home and I would ask you to respect my wishes and my privacy.”


RESPECT HER WISHES???? WHAT ABOUT THE WISHES OF HIS GODDAMN KIDS??? Also, I’m beginning to wonder if my dad is even dead or if she is holding him hostage in the house and that’s why she doesn’t want us to come over.

I haven’t responded because I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t take it to DEFCON 1. I really do not trust telling her what it is that I want—because I feel like she will just claim they got rid of it. Like I really doubt my dad got rid of some books that were his dads. Or his yearbooks. Or his military service stuff.


Again, sorry.