The writers have grudgingly agreed to Read's curtailment of campfire use. The screen has been removed. Office comms are now exhibited for all us kinjateers in an effort to gain even more page views.

I ♥ Reality Tv on print.

Here's an early endorsement

Dear Disputations,

I know it is early days yet with the new Disputations blog "vertical," but I am writing in to observe that so far only two individuals—Hamilton Nolan: "New Jersey— bullshit state" (Disputations, 45 minutes ago), and Taylor Berman: "No one will check Disputations (Disputations, 25 minutes ago)—are resonating with the "disputation" idea, to wit, debate or argument.

This blog currently appears to be some sorta new channel for needling the Editor of Gawker, but maybe that is the normal Initial Stage in the peristalsis of Editorial edicts at The Gawker.

I am not on the Masthead so I would not presume to offer a dispute for Disputations, but I believe I speak for a qualified majority of consumers of GAWKCO product when I wish everyone here at Disputations great success with this enterprise, and, as I check in from time to time, I hope Disputations blossoms into a fulfilling and exhaustive exercise and worthy intellectual pursuit.

Thank you,

Joe MacLeod, Kinja user Level Zero

So my Monday meeting was surprisingly smooth for a Monday meeting. What about yours?